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Keep those dogs hydrated in the summer

June 8, 2015

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Boy, is summer here!

June 1, 2018

It seems that our spring ended in early May and it went straight to July. The heat came on fast. Too fast for me and way too fast for our dogs.


You have probably noticed a substantial shut down in energy when you are outside with your dog. That is normal, after all, dogs have to wear a fur coat and cannot perspire like we do. So keep this in mind--Minimize outdoor activity to a bare minimum during the middle of the day unless your hunting partner is swimming. Heat exhaustion comes on rapidly and it can be deadly. I've seen it come on while pheasant hunting in Colorado when it was 70 degrees.


Just yesterday I was driving home from work and noticed a man looking over his old Labrador retriever that suddenly laid down on the hot sidewalk. The owner began feeling his dog's ankle. Sorry buddy, your old dog was in the early stages of heat exhaustion and you were totally clueless.


I was once told that whatever temperature it is outside that you should add about 20 degrees to get an idea how your dog feels. That explains why they love anything in the 60s and below. I notice a distinct drop in energy once the temps creep into the mid-70s. Be mindful that your dog can endure the cold much easier than the heat. Looks for the early warning signs--1) heavy panting 2) immediate stopping or laying down 3) wobbling when walking. If you see any wobbling, shut it down and get to the A/C and offer water. You should be offering your dog water every few minutes to be safe. 


So hit the lakes, ponds and pools this summer and stay off hot sidewalks and asphalt. The dog days of summer have come early to us Texans.



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