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Arctic Blast Brings the Ducks to Texas

Reports are coming in from members of the Lone Star Hunting Retriever Club that our recent blast of cold weather is pushing ducks and geese into North Texas. LSHRC member Kyle Krause reports that he limited out in less than an hour this week shooting mainly mallards. Other members have expressed similar reports.

The cold weather is expected to hang around for another week, which should be good news for hunters. Reports from DU biologists and other hunters in the northern states indicate that this brutal polar blast got the ducks moving out of Canada and the border states and heading south.

Remember to be safe and to watch your retriever closely in these early hunts in the cold since our dogs still have their summer coats. I would encourage everyone to have your dog wear a neoprene vest. Kyle Krause said his champion retriever Stone was shivering after his many retrieves due to his summer coat. Kyle had a towel nearby to keep him as dry as possible in between retrieves, which is a great idea.

Happy hunting!

Larry Lauck, Treasurer

Lone Star Hunting Retriever Club

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