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Opening Weekend of Duck Season Slow in Texas

From all reports by members of the Lone Star Hunting Retriever Club, last weekend's opening of the waterfowl season was slow to dead slow. Some were able to shoot a few ducks that were most likely "homers" for the past year. Bottom line is that Texas needs a brutal blast of Canadian cold air to push them this way.

Frankly, I think the Texas duck season starts too early. Dallas does not see its average first freeze until late November so the duck hunting does not pick up until later anyway. I also hunt ducks and geese in Stuttgart, Arkansas and the season begins the week of Thanksgiving, which is more in line to when we begin seeing better numbers.

The good news from all of this is that it gives us all a chance to get out with our retrievers and do some additional training. And that is always fun!


Larry Lauck

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